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stain that glass woop woop!

Hey doods! I'm healthy again, i think. Woohoo!

The semester is over...my grades are as follows:

SENIOR PROJECT (the hard video i had to edit)...A!

Photography I (i think you know what that is)..A!

Electronic Media Management (employment laws.yay)A!

Astronomy (take home exam.)......................A!

Intro to Computer Graphics.......................B!

Woohoo! I'm smart again! Today was my first day of "May Term". I am taking Stained Glass, which i am sure i have already informed you of this because i am very excited. I got a little less excited when i noticed that 'water proof band-aids' were on the supply list and the teacher quipped about how you cut your self and not realize it until you see blood in a 'ha ha isn't-that-funny' sort of voice. But i'm still excited and I hope that this turns out to be something I am good at.

I saw bailey today. He seemed to be in a bad mood, but I told him i would call him later tonight about car pooling to school tommorrow. We usually seem to put each other in good spirits.

I better go and check the laundry. Isn't my life getting so exciting? Heh heh. (note: sarcasm).

git along little doggies, its your misfortune and none of my own


2001-05-07 at 2:04 p.m.

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