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RoomateWar II

Man. I tried to add an entry earlier but it went to kaput. It is a big no no for me to be on the computer right now. I had a freak out moment last night when i realized how much stuff i have to do in the next three weeks. Everything is piling up on me during these last three weeks of spring semester. I have a big 'senior project' for video production that is due April 20th. My birthday is April 11th. I will be twentyone.

i can't wait until may, when all i will be worrying about is stained glass and exercise...(that sentance may be confusing, what i mean is i am only taking one class and it is Stained Glass).

If you remember, i was mad at Brad for looking at porn on my computer while i was gone on vacation. I wrote him this email, now in cliff notes version:

Dear Brad:

it hurts my feelings and sickens me that you would use Nick's computer to

look at pornography on the internet. That is not cool. Even though you are

not a christian you can respect that I believe that the human body is made in God's own image. I am dissappointed and i feel like i am begining to have less and less reason to trust you. i emailed you about this because i feel too weird to talk to you in person about it.

I also feel weird asking about when is valerie going to move out? is there a projected date? When she moved in, i thought that you said ''we are going to have a guest for a little while''. To me, a little while is a few days. Now it has been a month. I would just like to know what the plan is.

On another note, i know you don't take out the garbage much, but when you do,you have to take it all the way out to the curb. nobody comes and picks it up off of the poarch except for Nick.

one of my steak knives is missing. do you know where it is? try not to lose any stuff like that. i know how many i have and it stresses me out when something is missing because that stuff is expensive to replace since they come in a complete set it would suck to have to buy a $69.00 five piece place setting of silver ware to replace a lost fork. that stuff is to last me the rest of my life. ya know?

the last thing i want to mention is that when you see stuff we both use

running out, like soap in the bathroom or cleaning supplies or toilet paper or paper towels, try to be conscious about replacing it if you weren't the one that bought it last time. you know that we don't make any more money than you do.i have been holding in this

crap for a while. i only see you for a few minutes at a time so i didn't want to dump it on you in one big conversation.



THE REPLY FROM BRAD (candice's inner thoughts in italics):

ouch. im sorry. the porn thing is a huge joke going on with bradley about people in my high school i promise you. i hope you dont think im some kinda porn freak. im sorry for even having it up on your machine. i deserved that one and im sorry. the rest..... i use your pots on occassion, your forks, spoons and butter knives on occassion. i wash these IMMEDIATELY afterwards with the dish soap i bought. i am very aware of how costly these things are as i own them too. if you doubt my honesty then i am truly sorry. the past months havent been normal for me. as for the garbage i didnt know if we were supposed to be leaving it by the curb or not. i meant to ask you guys about that last week in all honesty. i was not sure if we have garbage service or not. i appologize for that. i have been paying attention to things we share. as far as i knew the only things we both use are cleaning products and toilet paper/paper towels. im buying groceries monday night and i will get some then. i get stressed about a lot and sometimes i dont pay attention to much else around me. im sorry if i seem to be sloppy or i dont meet your expectations. you guys have been my best friends for a long time and it makes me ill that you wont say stuff to me. you know me enough to know i respect you speaking your mind. while we are at it im gonna say a couple things though. the accusations toward my cat pisse me off to say the very least. to say maybe is one thing but to blatantly accuse my cat of something you didnt see her do is ridiculous.(ed:he is referring to the time his cat peed on my pajamas. who else could it be? my husband?) the cat is not mean in the least either. if you think she is mean youre very lucky i didnt bring my cat with me. as much as i love biscuit she wouldnt have lasted long swatting at cappy. female cats dont get along. its natural. its also annoying when you start getting all huffy about her going in your room. even after your cat lost items i cannot replace in my room i never stopped her from being in here. it is very normal for cats to act the way they do. i lived with well over 25 of them throughout my life(ed.25 cats? aye carumba!) and i dont mind her being in my room and playing with stuff or whatever. as for sass eating her food i agree she shouldnt. i try and keep her frm doing so as much as possible. i understand your food cost way more than the food i buy. also, id like to know who got spray paint on my sofa. im 100% positive it wasnt there before i moved here. its in the shape of a square on the right hand side on the cushion. i could be rude here and make a comment about how much more a 3400 dollar sofa would be to replace than a steak knife but im not even gonna be like that.(uh, yeah thanks for not saying that...oh wait, you DID say it) its part of living with people and im fully aware of that. i dont expect everything to be perfect. i knew living with other people might result in accidents or whatever. i dont care enough about it to make it a big deal. please stop closing my door. you dont consider how it gets to be 30 degrees in my room since it is furthest from the heater when you do that.(ed. GRRR! i dont do that, you are the one that closes it! duh!) please leave the light on at night on the porch if you think about it. my eye sight is horrible and you know that. it is really annoying when i cant even see the lock to get the door open. last but not least, valerie. i will say this and i will do so only once. she is my guest. i told her she could stay here til she gets money to get her own place. (thanks for telling me this, finally.) you know very well it takes security deposit, first months rent and utility deposits to do this. valerie moved here to be with me.(is there a law against preparedness?) she hasnt done anything wrong and hasnt been rude to you in the least.(except for run in her/your room and slam the door right when i get home from work or school, without saying a word) if you could please be patient and have some compassion youll see she will be in her own place shortly. i totally agree on the stuff we both use and the porn thing. the porn thing is not excusable and i appologize. it was shearly a joke between bj and i in all honesty.(porno jokes?) i shouldve had more respect and kept it on my machine. i have held you guys more dear than any friends i have. i wouldnt do anything to purposely jeapordize our friendship. i hope none of this email seems to be rude or smart ass because i promise you with all my heart it isnt meant to be at all. i just was making the point that the door swings both ways. candice i love you guys. i had hoped you would know that after the time i have spent with you two.(a year ago?)im sorry if you dont trust me and i dunno what to tell you about that. i never talk much because it seems like you guys dont have interests in doing the stuff i like to do anymore.(when am i ever home?) so insated of being a nuisance by playing video games 24/7, blasting loud music or bugging you guys to go ride all the time i just leave you alone. i feel like im in your way sometimes cos i know you two wanna have your alone time some. sorry for being a pain in the neck. i liked it a lot when you come in here the other night and talked to valerie and i. it made me feel good and i thought about it a lot. well anyhow. i hope you dont hate me now and i hope things start getting better soon. i miss talking to you and i hate feeling weird everyday when i come home. i was trying to start screen printing cos i was thinking you guys would be into that but it seemed like it wasnt much for you. please dont be mad at me.(well, okay.) ill see you guys tomorrow. peas out knee-grow.



Oh my goodness. That couch accusation made me so mad. And the cat thing is a little ridiculous. This is what i wrote him in return, and it has been three days and he hasn't written me back or talked to me in the house, with the exception of 'hi'. But someone did clean the microwave. Yay!

my response to brad:

ok, ill believe you about the porn thing. it is just a little suspicious

when the only thing on the history was like 20 porn sites and it seemed like the computer was just turned off hurriedly. i was shocked since you always joke about porn i never would have thought you were into it.

i know that you try to clean and stuff but the house just stays disgusting. i dont know why. its just gross. speaking of messy stuff, when you microwave stuff, especially with tomato sauce in it, try to remember to cover it with a paper towel or something. there is red stuff all over the inside of the microwave. i am going to try to wash it out this week, i dont think you can use cleaning stuff on it b/c i'm afraid it would somehow catch fire.

i'm sorry that you think i am down on sassy. the only problem i have is about the food. i did feed her once because she had just come in from outside and valerie was still asleep so sassy was locked out of her room.

i noticed that square on the sofa like the first day it was out of storage. i thought that it was from the cusion being pressed up against a table for two years or something. we don't have any spray paint, and i can assure you that if i spray painted somethin i wouldn't do it indoors or on a couch. i hope you would give me credit for more common sense than that. the reason i close your door is to keep biscuit out of there. and i haven't closed it in forever because i usually dont get home until 5 on tuesdays and thursdays or about 8 on mondays and wednesdays, and when i get home on friday you have already been there half of the day. when i leave for school or work it is already closed because one or both of you is still asleep. (editor's note: the irony is, right when they come home they close themselves into their room. do i force them to keep the door closed? no.)i turn off the poarch light because i used to leave for school and noticethat it had been on all night. i think that is a waste.

i would love to screen print again. i feel really bad that we never did those people's christmas presents and here it is april. i really want to get that stuff done. its not that i dont have intrests in doing stuff with you any more, i am just busy as crap. i am one semester away from graduating college,i drive two hours a day in order to get to montevallo and back. i get home and maybe i try to do dishes or make dinner or do homework. i get home at like eight o clock and i go to bed at like ten. that gives me about an hour and a half of 'free time'.

i dont want to feel weird around you, i dont have a clue what is going on

when you run in for five minutes and then run out to go get fast food. when you went to pick valerie up from the airport, you said you were going to get groceries for cryin out loud. doesnt that seem a little mysterious to you?

don't you feel like you can be honest with me anymore? i dont know what i did to make you feel alienated. even before valerie came you would lock yourself in your room and stay on the internet for hours and hours and not say anything to us. that is what made me feel weird.

i'm not mad at you. i just never know what is up. if you remember you used to talk to me every day. now i just get a generic coment like once every three days. that is what made things weird between us.

anyway, dont forget to spring forward (ed:this is a reference to daylight savings time, not gymnastics).


So. I dont know, maybe the roomate war is in treaty negotiations right now. I think my roomate days are over after this lease is up. The only person i would dare to live with now is my little brother.

I bet this entry was boring, but these emails may represent an important milestone in the roomate war.

dont' leave me hangin on like a yo-yo


2001-04-02 at 2:05 p.m.

* m a y s t a r *

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