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Down with Disney

Magic Kingdom, my ass! There is nothing magic in that place! Here I am, back and extremely soured by my visit to disney world. Disney World now consists of about 7 or 8 theme parks in one big clump. There is Magic Kingdom (the one with 'its a small world', the flying dumbo ride, space mountain), Epcot (the one that is a learning experience about cultures and science), MGM studios (the one that is based on movie stuff, and it has the Aerosmith Rock-n-Roller coaster), Animal Kingdom (its like a big zoo with a disney touch), and a couple of different water parks, like Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.

Our family just hit the big 4, that is the Magic Kingdom, epcot, animal kingdom and MGM. The first day we went to Magic Kingdom: HATED IT! oh my gosh. i have never had my personal space invaded so severely in all of my life. Every line i stood in, i had some non english speaking visitor humping my back. I mean, when you wait in line, piling on top of the person in front of you does NOT make your wait any shorter. It might make the LINE seem shorter because you are consolidating space, but the wait should be the same, unless you cause someone to pass out and lose their place in line. The rides all sucked alot. Magic Kingdom is going down. I am NEVER taking young children there. All of the parents looked so miserable. It made me sad for them. And the food? Putrid. Purely putrid. On the park map, there is a picture of an apple beside eateries that have 'vegetarian options', so i went to Pinochio's something or other with my fam...i inquired about the vegetarian options..the vegetarian OPTION (singular) was a salad. woo. I got the sick nasty salad. It was fifteen parts vinegar, one part lettuce and one part rancid pecans and blue cheese. SICK!! I just got the willies thinking about it, and that was five days ago!

MGM was pretty cool, but the older rides were still majorly lame. The only cool ones were the afore mentioned Rock-n-Roller coaster, and the Muppet 3-D movie. Heh heh. muppets.

Epcot: i liked it. Even though it was slow paced and my brother complained the entire time, i enjoyed it. it was cool pretending i was in different countries and stuff. tee-hee. Epcot is one of my favorites. But it seems like it is just for me and old people. It didnt have any wild and crazy rides. It just appeals to the world traveler inside of me.

Animal Kingdom: man oh man. It rained on us at the animal kingdom. It is set up to be like a wild live reserve, but secretly it is a zoo. It sounds cooler in theory than it actually was. But there was a cool movie we saw "Its Tough to be Bug", staring the cast of A Bug's Life, in 3-D. I can't get enough of that 3-D stuff. woohoo!

We got home yesterday, and found this morning that Brad has been using our computer to look at porn while we were gone. Brad, you are getting on my last nerve. I am so tired of not being able to trust you. I am tired of the live in girlfriend, the messes, and now you have used something of mine for evil. My computer was used as a vehicle to view the human body, made in God's image, in a perverted form. You make me want to puke.

ok i'm done talking to brad now. I dont know what to do about that situation. Any advice? It is stressing me out. His girlfriend got black hair dye on my stool and my cool stainless steel garbage can. I can't wipe it off. Slob.

i love all of you.

its hard to be nice.


2001-03-31 at 11:46 a.m.

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