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send in the clowns

While you read this entry, just for fun, pretend that all around you is caliope music playing. Like that song every one associates with the circus. When the clowns come in, you know. The real name of that song is something like 'entrance of the gladiators'.

Whats new with me? In two short days i will be in the happiest place on earth! For real this time, Disney World! Hoorah! I hope it isn't freezing or blistering. I hate it when it is cold when I go to a theme park because i end up buying a stupid mickey mouse or woody wood pecker sweatshirt just to keep from freezing my gibblets off, then i never wear it again except maybe to sleep in.

Bad news for my friend Bailey...the poor guy got robbed! He visted me on tuesday and spent the night. He returned to his home on wednesday only to find he and his roomate had been robbed of 1) $2,600 worth of vinyls bailey has collected over the years 2) his roomate's gun 3) bullets 4) the roomate's nice clothes and 5) other random crap. (keep thinking about the clown music, tho!)

So sad. he is having a really bum year. I am going to buy him an outfit and give it to him when he comes back to visit in april. Just like some short and undershirts or something. and a pack of cookies. the boy is so skinny.

Wednesday night nick and i went out to eat with mary and david and baby and beau and ashley and the british people. We had Vietnamese. The british people are hard to entertain. They keep taking about how horrible the acting is in American sitcoms---especially comedies! I don't know if you have ever seen a british comedy show...but they do not have room to talk. Like, Seriously. bloop bloop. (don't stop, the circus is almost over!)

I'm glad it is vacation time.

i would love to entertain you


2001-03-23 at 09:00 a.m.

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