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rules for being a good roomate

biscuit is still in the animal hospital. i hope she pulls through. *sigh*

i talked to leticia last night on the computer. her diary is, like, ya know 'http://tuffstuff.diaryland.com' and everything. she is cool. she allowed me to get out some of my pent up aggression i have against my roomates internet girlfriend who is now living with us for an unspecified amount of time. i think that now would be a good time to show you some rules on how to be a good roomate. these have been gleaned from my recent experiences of having a not good roomate.


1) do your own dishes

2) don't use your roomate's hairgel, especially when you don't ask

3) use your own towels, and if you DO absolutely HAVE to use your roomate's towels, wash them yourself.

4) if you have a cat, DO NOT dump the kitty litter in the toilet. throw it outside. kitty litter is made of absorbant material that could easily clog a toilet.

5) as long as we are talking about cats, if you MUST get a cat buy it decent food. that way it won't sneak over and eat the more expensive kitten chow that was purchased for the already established cat of the house.

6) if you are going to linger around the house all day, why don't you try cleaning something. there are many cleaning products at your disposal, including comet, tilex, and a vacuum cleaner.

7) speak the roomate that you do NOT sleep with every now and then. just to acknowledge their pressence.

8) and when the above roomate is trying to watch a movie with her husband and brother, do not wrestle with the roomate you do sleep with on the couch right beside them, squeeling and giggling. it is very distracting and it borders on revolting.

9) by the way, if you have pajama pants with a giant rip in the ass, wear underware with them if you are going to walk around the house wearing them. if that had happened to me, i probably would have had the decency to pretend i didn't notice, but i really did. and i wish i hadn't. uh, i mean... i were ever in that situation. okay so that really did happen. but i am trying to stay generic here...

that is all i can think of for right now. that is the kind of stuff that gets under my skin. maybe i am just a BEE- EYE- TEA-SEA-AYTCH, but i dunno. enough is too much, wouldn't you say?

it snowed today. on the first day of spring. tra-la...

whistle while you work


2001-02-20 at 11:06 a.m.

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