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biscuit dont die!

i have a lot of work to do. school work. but while we are on the subject i gues i have alot of work to do on myself as a person as well. hmm.

i am in the millionaire's club. it only costs five dollars to join. isnt that ironical. it gets me a meager discount at Books-A-Million.

i poisoned my cat biscuit. i didnt mean to. i gave her a flea treatment, made by Hartz. then this morning she was growling and hissing at me when i petted her. so nick took her to the vet. poor biscuit. i sorry. i so sorry. the vet said that Hartz should be put out of business because it happens all the time.

you know, next week i am going to disney world. i hope i am not too tired to enjoy it.

bailey is comming into town sometime this week. he thinks he might move here again. but its getting to be like the little boy who cried wolf. i dont'really believe it anymore. but i gladly offer my couch to him to sleep on for the few days he decides to stay. maybe he has a deamon. maybe i do. i bet my neighbor does. anyone who drinks that much has to.

saturday marked the two year anniversary of virginia's mom's passing. we hung out and ate salad and drank kahlua and watched Waiting for Guffman. that movie is really funny if you watch it with the right people. Virginia counts as the right people. Nick doesn't. He didn't like it back a couple months ago when we rented it.

yesterday nick and i ate lunch at Target before we shopped for groceries. it wasn't very good. and it was kind of pricey for the crappy food we got in return. i saw lauren working at the portrait studio there in Target as well. we chatted for a bit but i was dragging.

i am tired. i want school to be over. i want this semester to end. i want to take stained glass. with virginia. and lauren. it will be fun that way. i haven't had a class with virginia since 12th grade psychology. and that wasn't any fun because i was struggling with depression and she was struggling with anorexia. so we were both mad at each other. we couldn't see the plank in our own eyes.

life is hard. true story.

it is also fun sometimes.

true story.

we dont need no education. we dont need no thought control.


2001-03-19 at 17:19:33

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