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cat pee for you, cat pee for me

Don't tell anyone but i get to take advanced photography next semester even thought i haven't had intermediate. AND...i am going to take stained glass in the may term. hooray! i wonder what i can make with stained glass...i'm already thinking about ideas. woo!

whats up lately...brad's new cat pissed on my pj's, and he claims that biscuit pissed in the middle of the floor for no reason. it is ok for biscuit to do that, because i know she has anxiety from the other cat being there. she puked four times you know, the day after she arrived.

nick cooked me a wonderful meal on wednesday while i was in my night class...then he totally burned his hand on a hot cookie sheet. he had to take the day off of work thursday because it hurt. it was a good meal i enjoyed it alone after i went and bought some solarcaine and first aid cream for his hand. he made veggie burgers, broccoli and cheese, and focaccia. and he said he saute'd some onions but he used vegetable oil and not butter so it didn't come out right.

i wish i had my own dark room. someday i will. if i ever own a home. i will.

i had a minor mental breakdown on tuesday night...:i checked out a bunch of books from the library of a private christian college around here...my husband is alumni...

but any way it was like 11pm the night they were due (library closes at 12, doin fine...)

and the security guard wouldn't let us in because we weren't current students even though my husband has the school stickers all over his car and a school id that is only a year old and he had on a shirt and tie and not a ski mask we had no weapons...we showed him the library books and even asked him to turn them in for us...he said no...my husband even offered to leave me in the car with the security guard and WALK and turn them in. he said no.

we left and i just busted out crying and i couldn't stop. i was like 'its not fair i remembered! they aren't late!' but in my head i was like 'why am i so upset about library books'.

but my husband saved the day and we parked behind the campus and he climbed over the fence and turned them in.

but it made me really mad because they always ask him for alumni donations and they wouldn't even let him on campus?

what is wrong with me. dude. like, seriously. surf's up. gag me with a spoon. like, oh muh gaw, totally tubular.(flashback)

time for class

there are some things i just can't bring myself to do


2001-03-16 at 15:22:19

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