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still at work. time creeps...

Well. This work day sure is creeping by. I don't feel like actually DOING anything, thats why. Thinking is easier than doing. I'll think about my friends...

Stephanie. We grew up together since like 2nd grade. She is my cuz, i mean what more could i ask for. Now she is in the Air Force stationed in New Jersey. I am the only friend she still talks to from highschool. I miss her alot. She is probably one of the few people that actually changed for the better after highschool.

Virginia. We are alike in alot of ways. Last night she was telling me about this new friend she met and she said "She is one of us!" and i knew exactly what she ment. Virginia has come a long way since we first became friends in the turbulent alterna years (early/mid 1990's). Her mom died our freshman year of college. I was able to be there for her because i too had experienced depression. We both grew. I love Virginia.

Kristen. I haven't seen her in forever but she is on my mind. We met at church in middle school. Now she seems to avoid me. I think it is because she likes to drink and booty dance and feels like i would look down on her for that. I don't. I feel sad that she isn't true to herself.

Molly. Molly has changed to, but not so much that i don't know who she is anymore. I think she got her priorities right in some ways. I wonder where we will all be in ten years. I think I will be in China or India. At least in 2 years I will be.


I think Bailey is really becoming comforatable with the idea of me being his friend. I found his dorm room on Wednesday and left a note on his door with my phone number if he wanted help cutting his matte board for art. When I came to drawing class today we just smiled at each other for like two minutes. I was smiling because he looked like he had just woken up when i walked in the door. I wanted to say 'goodmorning sunshine!" because he looked so rough. Haha. He said he never called because he wasn't sure if it was really me who wrote the note. Poor guy. So untrusting. People must be really evil to him.

Brad is sad because we are going out of town this weekend. Our friendship is changing too. All of a sudden it feels deeper, somehow. Maybe he is comming back to reality after his Pam-depression. Maybe its just because we are spending more time together now that we are doing the t-shirt thing. I like it. I don't know what will happen next. I am sort of afraid.

Nick loves me alot. I feel like we are a family. Its not the same as dating. But its still good. Just different. It is hard to explain without making it sound like I don't love him. I do love him. I just feel like we are in a different phase of love. One i have never been into before.

little ever changes if you view it from the sky.


2000-10-20 at 19:37:19

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