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orange boy

Man. I am the only one in the office today and I think i just consumed a gallon of Red Beans and Rice. Blehhhh. Well. I had to eat it before it went bad. You know how it is. Me being a starving college student/artist and all.

Last night us Pink Pirates lost another flag football game, this time to the Alpha Gams. At least Tara's boyfriend Al dressed as a Pirate to show his support. He went all out. He had an eyepatch, a bandana, and a long black wig and other piratey things. When i first walked up i was like "Who is that metal dood??"

Then after we had practiced for a while somebody else walked up and said "Who is that metal dood???" Haha. I almost forgot...I got to play match maker yesterday. I was talking to this girl stephaine on my flag football team and this guy John in some of my classes called me over and asked a Geology question. Then he was all like 'Who is your friend she is hot blah blah blah, go talk to her for me." So i did and she said to tell him to come to our football game and bring orange slices. And he even did it! Orange slices and all. What a sweetie. I hope she dates him a few times at least.

Tonite after work Nick and I are going to Chatanooga for his 5 year highschool reunion. I am kinda worried about the level of boredom that I may achieve this weekend. Yikes.

On Tuesday Virginia was supposed to come over and get tutored in Math with Nick. She never came over and we got worried. I made Nick drive around looking for her. Eventually we went to bed and the next day i found out that she was carving a wood block print and totally sliced her finger and had to go to the hospital. Oh the trauma! Art is so hazardous. I probably will have black lung from inhaling the graphite in my drawing class.

match in the gas tank.

boom boom


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