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MCC news

I am at work. I am about to have to go be an anchor on the school news program that airs every tuesday. It really stinks because I am on the front lines and last week i was reading my speil and it was like 'and now here is a clip of the fire!" or something like that. I sat there smiling, staring, staring down the camera...the clip never came! after what seemed to be an eternity the IFB in my ear came on and the director said 'continue reading please, there is no clip.' I felt very dumb. But i had no reason to, it wasn't my fault! But the thing is , anyone watching the news probably wasn't thinking that!

Ah well.

Tonite is the last Bible study of Patrick's before he and the boys drive to Belize for 5 months on a mission trip. I will miss those guys. They are great friends, they don't try to put on a mask. They are truely genuine to all people.

Thats the way to be.

This day is pretty good, so far.

it gets so awful quiet


2000-10-03 at 18:33:24

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