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art agnostic

Awww man, its only monday!

Drawing class this morning, nobody said anything weird or 'i wish i was deep.' We sat around and drew these geometric shapes that are in the middle of the room.I don't know when to stop shading, but the more i add, the worse it looks.

In 2-D class this guy at my table was talking about how he used to write off people as being a loser or whatever just by stereotyping them (i.e., oh, he is a JOCK, he is probably DUMB, etc.) He said that he realized how dumb that was to do because he was missing out on some pretty cool people. Then, not 5 minutes later he was talking about how he had to read the book of Genesis for a literature class, and he dreaded going to class because "Some CHRISTIAN is going to start some crap about Creation." Pretty contridictory, eh?

I guess Bailey is the only one in the class who knows I am a Christian. He kind of smirked at that comment and looked at me and said "Yeah, all of those Christians are so dumb." (he wasn't being mean, he was teasing me and showing that guy how he just contridicted himself).

Its hard to be a Christian in the art department. I don't mean that its hard to stick to my convictions, or hard to put up with the Jesus jokes and derrogatory comments. I mean that it is hard to see all of the unbelief and immoral lifestyles. That is the hardest part of my Christian life, next do denying myself each day. Because it hurts my heart to see people trying to fill themselves up with junk that will always let them down. I love them, I want them to know and believe the truth.


After art I went home and got my laundry and took it to the laundry mat. The laundry mat is in a building that used to be a movie theatre and it still has the big lights and everything. Kinda weird. I was the only one there and I monopolized 5 of the 6 washers. The dumb dryers didn't do their job. So i spent $10 in quarters and came home w/ wet clothes.

Then it was time for my next class. I walked through the quad and gave Amanda a box of donuts. Then I came back after class and she was still on the quad and she taught me how to play a card game. I don't like card games very much. They boring.

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2000-10-03 at 01:27:13

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