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operation mail out


I am at work right now. We had a big emergency mail out that took about 3 hours. We had to do 1,000 letters, and the president had to sign each one. He felt bad for making us do all of that work on a Friday. He bought everybody quesedillas but i got an icee instead. I was the one who went to get the food and once i got down to the restaurant, i wasn't in the mood to eat. Plus i don't eat meat and the cheese and vegetable quesadillas looked gross. They were made with a bag of frozen vegetables.

Class today was alright. Two art classes in a row. Sometimes i dread going to art class because the people really tax my nerves. Some of them just really try hard to be 'deep.' It is very annoying. Then this other lady never shuts up, she is like 40 years old and walks with a cane and takes medicine for being psycho. She told me all of this one day, i didn't ask. She also told the class about having cyber sex with her favorite author. All of this at eight o'clock in the morning.

In 2-D design class we just looked at slides of art. Me and Bailey drew pictures to pass the time. He said he saw me yesterday and he was going to talk but i left. Oh well.

When i get off work I am going to go get brad and we will meet Nick at Lowe's. We are building a light box thing tonite to burn emulsions for screen printing. It will be our first time ever to use our company cheques! Weehoo!

I was thinking yesterday about how dear my friends are to me. I know that they really care about me, even though we don't have time to talk everyday. Brad and I have helped each other alot. He helped me when i was down in the dumps before i met Nick, and then I got to return the favor after he got his heart broken...again.

My cousin steph is home from the air force for a week. I hope i get a chance to see her. I hope. I have alot planned for this weekend. I didn't know she was going to be here.

Right now some huge concert is going on out on the lawn. Its Train and Rollin' in the Hay and some other bands i don't know. I am not interrested. That kind of stuff reminds me of when i was in middle school. I used to like stuff like Dave Matthews Band. Now that sounds boring since i have been listening to punk and hardcore and emo for seven years. Forget a whole bunch of that 'teenage rage' phase.

i'm a coin laundry loser with a degree


2000-09-29 at 18:47:26

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