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the first entry...hopefully this is as weakhouse as it will ever get...

Woo! The first entry in my 'online diary'! I am so modern now.

I got a new kitten last week. Her name is Biscuit. When i first got her she was really scrawny and one eye didn't open all of the way. It was cool because I like pirates alot and it reminded me of an eye patch, like a one-eyed willy kind of thing. Now that defect is gone, but she still has her cool meow that sounds like a witch saying 'Yeeahhhh'!.

Nick, Brad and I are going into our own Screen Printing Business. We named our company Dirty South Productions. We got our official company cheques in the mail yesterday, and tommorrow is our first official company shopping day. I had to take the day off from work tommorrow for the purpose, and luckily both of my classes are canceled so i have the whole day free.

I just watched the movie MysteryMen in which Paul Reubens of Pee-Wee Herman fame talks in the Retainer Voice the entire film. It was shuper!

I promise i will be inspired on my next diary entry.

Wait...lets not call it a 'diary' that makes me feel weak. Lets let this thing be a 'journal'...

2000-09-22 at nine fifty pm

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