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bribery will get you everywhere

Today I began a new 'reward', or 'bribe' system to increase class participation. I do student led reviews, but it is hard to get a student to volunteer to lead it. Today I presented each 'reviewer' with a tiny tiny piece of candy, a star about the size of a cake decoration. You would have thought, from their reactions, that it was a pound of chocolate.

The kids weren't so terrible today; I had written a note and had it translated so the homeroom teacher could read it. The note said that the students should not talk when we are doing seatwork, they should not tell each other the answers (because then I will never know who actually understands and who doesn't), they should not demand candy, and they should not act like 'little emperors'. A 'little emperor' is the chinese equivalent of a spoiled brat. It is a big problem these days due in part to the one-child policy. The parents smother their one child with material goods, because there is virtually no such thing as a stay-at-home mom in this country. Everybody works. Daycare isn't really an issue since students begin kindgergarten at age two, usually at a boarding school.

Here is a picture of some of my lovelies doing their exercises in unison.

Monday, Mar. 17, 2003 at 6:44 PM

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