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Right now I am waiting for brad to get here so that he and nick and i can exchange christmas gifts. It is 9:48 and he has something to do at 11. So i guess he will stay here for 20 minutes and leave. It hurts my feelings that he doesn't care to spend any time with me anymore. It hurts my feelings alot. I cried. Nick says i should tell him. But i think he would just get mad and say that i was being stupid or looking at it the wrong way or something.

Fact of the matter is he asked me on tuesday if i wanted to exchange gifts today. I don't know why he went and made other plans. I miss him. But lately it seems like he is fed up with me and short on the phone. I tryed to be cool and leave a playful message on his cell phone but he was still in a pissy mood when he called back. It was a cool message too it rhymed.

"It's crimmus time in hollow springs;

brad's cookin' chicken and collard greens!

...and so forth"

I liked it anyway.

I spent the day with virginia. We had fun talking and stuff. We went to Headstart and got our hair trimmed. The stylist used one of those razor combs on my hair. I hate that. It starts to hurt after a while, because it is repetitive, sharp pulling of your hair. I think that is probably what getting a tattoo on your scalp would feel like.

We tried to go by my new apartment today but the realator had forgoten to leave a key in the mailbox. So we couldn't get in. Aww.

Tommorrow we must go to Mississippi to visit family. Its nick's first time to go. There will be some new babies there. So it shouldn't be too boring.

Life is precious.

try to see it my way. Only time will tell if i am right or I am wrong.

we can work it out, we can work it out.

blah blah blah.


2000-12-23 at 02:45:05

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