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i love epinions

I haven't made a new entry in a while because I have been spending my online time here instead:

I signed up to write reviews for Epinions.com. It is really easy, all you do is write 100 words about a product you use or have used, and when people read your review, you get money. It is so awesome I feel addicted!. I have made three dollars and twenty one cents. If you are curious, you can sign up here:

Epinions!!!!Click here!! .

In other news, we found an apartment. I signed the lease today. Nick and brad couldn't make it because Nick had to work and some roads were closed due to ice so brad couldn't get to the city.

In even other news, brad never talks to me online anymore even though the only reason I get online is to talk to him. When he does talk to me he is distracted and only says like two words every ten minutes. Its really annoying as well as hurtful because I feel like he doesn't give a criz-ap. I guess i guess we won't be hanging out as much as i thought we would as roomates if he stays locked in his room all day talking to all of his computer pals.

Right now I am spending my last moments in my soon-to-be former residence. Nick is loading up the car with boxes i have packed earlier tonite. Tommorrow I will get my pal Virginia to help me move them into the new place.

I'm glad I don't have any school to worry about for the next two weeks.


School is out, and all our work is done. Lets throw a party. Getty getty git-down.


2000-12-22 at 02:50:15

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